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Tongue-Tie in Newborns

Tongue-Tie in Newborns

What is tongue-tie?

Tongue-tie or Ankyloglossia, generally is defined as a shortened membrane (frenulum) connecting part of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.  Estimates of the occurrence rate vary from 2 per 1000 up to 4 per 100 infants according to medical literature.

When is tongue-tie a problem?

In the newborn period it can interfere with successful breastfeeding.  The infant is unable to create a good seal over the breast nipple, making it difficult to obtain milk.  This abnormal sucking mechanism may become painful for the mother, and could lead to her discontinuing nursing.

How is tongue-tie diagnosed?

Tongue-tie is diagnosed by the appearance of the frenulum, coupled with a feeding evaluation performed by a health care provider, who can usually determine if treatment is necessary.

How is tongue-tie treated?

The pediatricians at Cactus Children’s Clinic perform tongue-clipping, a simple procedure which frees the infant’s tongue, allowing increased movement.  The technical term is frenotomy.  This procedure takes only a few seconds.  There is little to no bleeding, and is relatively painless.

What should I expect after the procedure?

In our experience, almost all infants are able to breastfeed successfully right after the procedure.  Most mothers that had been experiencing painful nursing report little to no pain following frenotomy.  It is often amazing how such a quick and simple procedure can make such a positive difference for both the infant and mother.

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