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Daniel Tinlin, MD, FAAP

Daniel Tinlin MD, FAAP

Dr. Tinlin is an Arizona native and graduated from the University of Arizona College of Medicine. He completed his pediatric residency at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix where he served as chief resident. He has practiced in the Phoenix area for 20 years and joined Cactus Children's Clinic in March of 2017. Dr. Tinlin speaks Spanish fluently and spent much of his early career working with predominantly Spanish-speaking populations. He lived in Bolivia, South America as a college student and more recently spent a year in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina with his family. He enjoys travel and learning about different people and cultures. My areas of interest include genetic syndromes and dermatology. He lives in Peoria with his wife Julie and has seven children, three dogs, and a tortoise. When not busy with family Dr. Tinlin enjoys watching movies and playing chess.

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